Thesis It: Part 3

The last stretch of the year is finally over.

I’ve always wondered how it would feel like to accomplish something as huge as your undergraduate thesis. Never before in my whole life have I felt so accomplished and joyful knowing how long I’ve worked for this, and actually ended up finishing it.DSCF3868

Before, I just see [obligatory] photos of alumni in front of college and now, I’m the one by it!!!

I cannot think of any word or expression that can fully comprehend what I am feeling right now. Most of the time, I can’t believe it myself. It’s just one of those amazing incomprehensible things in life that you feel like you’re a cup that’s overflowing and you can barely contain it.

I have so much to be thankful for and so many people to express my gratitude to. So I will leave the Acknowledgements Page of my thesis book right here.


[Be wary: this will be long]


First and foremost, I would like to thank the Almighty God for guiding me and giving me strength throughout this year. I wouldn’t have survived the past shortcomings if I didn’t come to You for guidance. This is all for You.
I thank my family, especially my parents for providing me with the education and life I deserve. Thank you for your sacrifices, and for continuously and willingly giving me and my sisters what we need and what we want. Thank you for pushing me to be strong and fight for what I want because you know I could do it. I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it weren’t for you. You are my ultimate #goals in life.

I would also like to thank my friends, classmates, and batchmates. You have all been my source of strength (and sometimes stress). I would always run to you or hang out with you even if I had to work on my thesis because life would just be dull without you guys. I always feel like I’m a part of something great whenever I’m with you people. You have successfully kept me sane in this insane field we got ourselves into. Thank you for what seemed like a never-ending trail of sleepless nights in each other’s homes, in Bo’s, at Mcdo, at Shakeys, and some other coffee shops we graced our presence in. Those are my favorite moments with you and I am so thankful I’ve met you. I am so happy we’re finally here and we’re graduating together. #startedfromthebottomnowwerehere

For my most favorite person in the world, Gabe, thank you for…everything. There are million and one reasons that I am thankful to you and for you. Thank you for helping me even if it wasn’t your responsibility to, even if you had your own things to deal with. Thank you for making yourself available for me even if you had a busy schedule, or if you didn’t sleep the previous night. Thank you for staying up with me when we have plates to work on, or simply enjoying each other’s company. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me with a box of pizza while working on a submission deadline that day. Thank you for that care package for Valentines, I honestly think that it was the best gift I’ve received. Thank you for staying with me through the good and the bad. Thank you for pushing me to be better and to always think positive and to not worry about life. I have always admired you for your kindness, confidence, positivity, and concern for others’ wellbeing. You have helped me change for the better, and for the right reasons. Thank you for the unconditional love and support you give me. You are the best.
I would also like to acknowledge the thesis faculty, especially my faculty, Sir Edric Santos. As a relatively new faculty, you have successfully guided us in our last year. I know that thesis is not only frustrating to the students but the teachers as well. Thank you for believing in us and always pushing us even if it seemed like we couldn’t do it anymore. Your ‘demanding’ requirements and what seemed like serious-poker faced Facebook posts that are always full of reminders and deadlines, are the ones that made us come through. Seriously, I realized and appreciated the significance of all of those in the end.

My thesis journey would not be possible without the support and guidance of my thesis adviser, Sir Luna. Thank you sir for believing in me. I honestly feel the sincerity of your encouragements and positive output and feedback. You never made me feel inadequate or stressed at all. It gave me strength to push further. If it wasn’t for your suggestion, I wouldn’t even have a site to begin with.

I would also like to recognize the individuals to whom I corresponded with to complete the necessary research material I needed. Thank you to the kind people of Mowelfund for accommodating me. Thank you Mr. Alfie Macadangdang and Mr. Ricky Orellana for answering my questions. Thank you to Mr. Benjamin Padero as well for taking the time to meet with me and personally answer my queries even if you had a busy schedule. Your experiences, accounts, and output were very much helpful because without them, I wouldn’t have had a solid topic to continue with. You are a very inspiring ally of the arts! I would also like to express my gratitude for Ms. Mary Cruz for also taking the time to meet with me for an interview. Your feedback and ideas were so useful. Thank you as well for attending my deliberations and watching me defend my thesis. I really appreciated it.

I would also like to extend my warmest gratitude to my past and present teachers. To my former preschool, elementary, and high school teachers – you have seen me grow up and equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed in life. To my favorite ones, T. Nanette and Sir Erbert, you have been an inspiration to me. Seeing you makes me realize that hard work does really pay off. I literally wouldn’t be where I am (in UP) if it wasn’t for you guys. To my college professors, thank you for being an inspiration throughout my stay in this wonderful yet arduous university. You have all been a source of inspiration for me and made me realize that my education is not for myself, but for the country and my countrymen. To my Arki professors, thank you so much. Thank you for mentoring me all these years even if I wasn’t the best of the best. You have all shaped me a step closer to my dream into becoming an Arkitekto Para sa Bayan. To Sir Bulaong and Ma’am Baria, thank you for taking the time to answer my incessantly repetitive questions despite your busy schedules. You guys are my idols.

Last but not the least,

Salamat, UP!



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