Pinto Art Museum

Since the midyear semester has been so kind to me, I’ve used the remaining hours of my afternoons after class to explore places that have been on my list for some time now. Last month, my friends and I finally decided (although last-minute) to go to the ever so popular Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Lucky for us we arrived just in time because it took us about three hours exploring the whole place! (Thank you, Cheska for waking up late, haha)

Actually, I’ve been here back when I was a freshman (seems so long ago!) and did not fully appreciate the beauty of this place. This was included in our Philo 10 field trip itinerary. But it was not known back then! I wonder how it got so famous, hmm. Most of the artworks from four years ago are still there, and not much has changed. A few more gallery spaces opened up though, most of it the ones you see posted in Instagram. If you go there, make sure you go to every gallery to enjoy the full experience. There was a room we happen to pass by on our way to the bathroom (not included in this post). Its door can easily be mistaken for a storage space if there wasn’t a sign that says otherwise. It’s really dark inside and there are several man-made “ponds” with bamboos surrounding them and plants hung all over.



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