Thesis It: Vol.1

Because this is my fifth and final year (hopefully) in college, I thought of documenting my progress. This is to remind me of how far I’ve gone when I get confused, frustrated and lost in the process of accomplishing my goal. (Yes, I know. The title is so cliche. But I couldn’t think of a more catchy one.)

I’ve heard so many stories of students frantic during their thesis years. Most of them don’t sleep a lot, especially when the deadline nears. For an architecture student, a thesis is not merely a compilation of printed research bounded into a book, it’s way, way more than that. Oh, the countless hours I’ve dedicated in thinking [creatively and critically]. — thinking of what building I should design, thinking what form should create, thinking what theories should I apply, thinking what spaces I should provide, thinking what kind of users and activities I should consider, thinking how will I render the design, thinking how will I layout the presentation boards, and so on.

Designing is an endless process. What you plan to do in the beginning may not be the end-product. And in the “designing” profession, it always isn’t. Your design goes through revision after revision, and sometimes it takes it toll. For me (and most of the people I know), that happens most of the time. Professors and peers often criticize your work. Some are nice but there are others who will plainly say, “This sucks, revise it.” It pierces your heart but it’s for the better. In the end, you’ll thank them anyway.

So how all of this rambling related to my thesis? Beats me. Haha, just kidding. As I am writing this, I’m looking for a site for my approved thesis topic. Sadly, I didn’t get what I wanted but the second choice is good enough to work around with. I’m actually excited to start planning and form-finding (my weakness).

Now for my future thesis self: to remind myself to calm down and never stop. No matter how many rejections you have to accept and revisions you have to deal with, don’t stop. Never stop motivating yourself and look for inspiration when you are trapped. Believe in yourself because it won’t work unless you do. You have to love the process and love what you do. 


First and Last (Canyon Cove, Batangas)

Three weeks ago we had our first (and final) beach trip for the break! I was really looking forward to it because I didn’t have a chance to go somewhere because of classes. But then nature rained on my parade (literally). It was sunny while driving to Nasugbu then 5 minutes into the parking lot, it began to rain! And it did so for the entire day until the night. The next day was better though, there was the perfect amount of sun to bask in.

I can’t wait for the next adventure!




Cafeventures: Habitual Coffee and Satchmi

Cafeventures: Habitual Coffee and Satchmi

Last month, I visited Habitual Coffee, Urban Abode and Satchmi. Actually, I only planned on going to the former two, but Megamall was on the way to MRT so I went inside Satchmi as well. I liked the White Brew in Habitual! It tasted authentic and had a mild acidity. I was glad that they didn’t put in the sweetener yet and let me pour the syrup instead. Unfortunately, when it was their last week when I got there. Their building was going to be tore down so they are still in the process of moving (I still don’t know their new location).

After my coffee, I went inside Urban Abode where they have a lot of neat stuff! I quickly fell in love with their store front. I wanted to buy a crate but what I saw was too small and expensive. They also have coffee too but I just had one so I just explored the place. It’s a bit small because they mostly do custom furniture so the displays weren’t that many.

When I got to Satchmi, there were only two people by the tables so I took the opportunity of taking photos (even if I didn’t buy anything, haha). I wanted to try their coffee but I thought I’ve had enough for the day. They have a number of seats and there’s a table with nearby plugs where you can hang out. Their location is also ideal for studying or working because they’re on the top floor of the Mega Fashion Hall where the crowd is less dense compared to main building. They also have a “Listening Room” where you can try out the turntables. This will definitely go on my list of to-go cafes whenever I’m in the area.