Cafeventures: Habitual Coffee and Satchmi

Last month, I visited Habitual Coffee, Urban Abode and Satchmi. Actually, I only planned on going to the former two, but Megamall was on the way to MRT so I went inside Satchmi as well. I liked the White Brew in Habitual! It tasted authentic and had a mild acidity. I was glad that they didn’t put in the sweetener yet and let me pour the syrup instead. Unfortunately, when it was their last week when I got there. Their building was going to be tore down so they are still in the process of moving (I still don’t know their new location).

After my coffee, I went inside Urban Abode where they have a lot of neat stuff! I quickly fell in love with their store front. I wanted to buy a crate but what I saw was too small and expensive. They also have coffee too but I just had one so I just explored the place. It’s a bit small because they mostly do custom furniture so the displays weren’t that many.

When I got to Satchmi, there were only two people by the tables so I took the opportunity of taking photos (even if I didn’t buy anything, haha). I wanted to try their coffee but I thought I’ve had enough for the day. They have a number of seats and there’s a table with nearby plugs where you can hang out. Their location is also ideal for studying or working because they’re on the top floor of the Mega Fashion Hall where the crowd is less dense compared to main building. They also have a “Listening Room” where you can try out the turntables. This will definitely go on my list of to-go cafes whenever I’m in the area.



I will never forget the first day of my freshman year.


I was walking around Arki, fixing my papers for registeration (which back then seemed forever to complete) and I saw you sitting on the steps with your friend, fixing your papers as well. Call me shallow but you actually caught my eye because of the way you looked – laidback, wearing a cap backwards, a plain shirt, shirt and sneakers. And of course, let’s not forget your incredibly thick eyebrows, haha. I remember how I gave you the nickname “kapal-kilay” whenever I talked about you with my friends because I didn’t knew who you were. I just knew that a week didn’t pass by that I didn’t see you around Arki, and a day didn’t flew by without me waiting for you to show up.

But as the days dragged on, classes got harder. Plates started to pile up, alongside exams and reports due the next day. I met a lot of new friends, joined and org and went to event after event – so many things were happening and my little happy crush became a thing of the past.

The next year, we had to get CWTS as prescribed by the curriculum, but I didn’t know which one to get so I tailed my friends when they chose DMST (Rappeling and Camping). When I got to the Vanguard, I was surprised to see you there but the flutters in my stomach weren’t as lively as before. We had to answer something for the instructor, you were late so you didn’t have time to think of the answers so you copied from mine (I really don’t remember how that happened). Since I was a really shy and awkward person, I urged myself to not pay much attention to you so I chose to talk to my close friends instead. We eventually got acquainted as the months passed but never really grew closer. Then our final requirement for the class was set. We had to go camping for three days in the mountains. It was when our entire group really bonded, including us.

Whenever we trekked, we should always have a partner to guide us. Preferably, a guy should be in front of you if you were a girl so he can assist you when the trail got steep and rough. Coincidentally, you were in front of me and that’s when it all started.

I remember how my stomach churned when you held my hand to give me a boost. We joked around and talked while walking. I grew very fond of you. After the semester ended, I got to see you more often around Arki because you were applying for an org there. Whenever we met, you always teased me about my height (well, until now) or make up a joke about something. I didn’t gave it much thought and just shrugged it off because I thought you were just being nice and friendly. And then you asked me out.

Everything, as they say, is history.

Days turned into weeks, weeks passed by through months, and the months became two years. When I think about my naive freshman and sophomore selves, it didn’t cross my mind that I would meet someone like you, let alone stay in a relationship for this long. I’ve always thought long-term relationships were for adults, for those who seek a partner, for those who wanted a lifetime. But you exceeded everything. You did not only love me but became my best friend. You gave me reasons to trust and depend on you. Even if you were in a different continent at that time, you never failed to make me feel loved, to make me feel that I am not alone.

You encouraged me to be a better version of myself. You taught me how optimism can change your life. You did not impose your ideals on me but you embodied them and showed me what good they brought. You pushed me to take on challenges to develop myself. You let me flourish and grow by myself. Your love never dominated me and made me feel owned. Rather, you made me feel secure. You became home to me.

For those and everything else, thank you. Thank you for accepting my flaws and failures – the good and the bad. Thank you for showing me what a true relationship is. Thank you for letting me love you and always, always making me feel loved. Cheers to more years.

Spontaneous Field Trips: Pinto Art Museum

Since the midyear semester has been so kind to me, I’ve used the remaining hours of my afternoons after class to explore places that have been on my list for some time now. Last month, my friends and I finally decided (although last-minute) to go to the ever so popular Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Lucky for us we arrived just in time because it took us about three hours exploring the whole place! (Thank you, Cheska for waking up late, haha)

Actually, I’ve been here back when I was a freshman (seems so long ago!) and did not fully appreciate the beauty of this place. This was included in our Philo 10 field trip itinerary. But it was not known back then! I wonder how it got so famous, hmm. Most of the artworks from four years ago are still there, and not much has changed. A few more gallery spaces opened up though, most of it the ones you see posted in Instagram. If you go there, make sure you go to every gallery to enjoy the full experience. There was a room we happen to pass by on our way to the bathroom (not included in this post). Its door can easily be mistaken for a storage space if there wasn’t a sign that says otherwise. It’s really dark inside and there are several man-made “ponds” with bamboos surrounding them and plants hung all over.

P.S. All shots of Cheska’s back are candid. Sorry, Kat, you were always behind me, haha.DSCF1149DSCF1208DSCF1215DSCF1326DSCF1336DSCF1327DSCF1380DSCF1375DSCF1431DSCF1468DSCF1470DSCF1463