Mary Grace

Lately I’ve realized how much I missed out on family bonding especially during my two weeks of hell. So I was so giddy when my dad decided that we go out last Friday since it was a holiday. After all the walking, we ate at Mary Grace for a late merienda.

I didn’t know it was that famous! It was jam-packed that day. I fell in love with its interior! It’s very Hispanic yet it still emanates a Filipino feel. The colors blend so well together. The cool hues of blues and greens versus the warm browns and yellows are very pleasant to the eyes. The yellow and dimmed lighting completes the whole dining experience. :)

ImageHand-painted flowers and vines on the walls

ImageConcave mint-colored ceiling. Hmm, I could use this in future designs.


ImageGreat lighting! Reminds me of the movie Tangled.

ImagePlus a really, really good hot chocolate! Rich and thick as I like it. :)

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